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Roller Shutters

Changing times have lead to a demand for increased security and energy efficiency in the home. New Victorian laws require the builders to comply with the ‘SIX STAR ENERGY RATING’ in order to reduce energy loss.



Roller shutters are an ideal solution, providing high level of security and excellent heat, cold, noise and light isolation. They can be operated from within the house using a number of different control methods.

Services we provide include: 

  • installing new shutters
  • servicing existing shutters, replacing mechanisms and other parts
  • upgrading of existing shutters, installing electric motors, replacing old curtains
  • providing security doors,  Window roller shutters, security grills, Electric Shutters, window shades, Noise Control Shutters, gate openers, etc.

Modern Shutters

Do not hesitate to call us. We have best quality products, fastest service and low prices. We work 7 days a week all around Melbourne and surrounding areas.

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Protection from sun, wind, cold, rain, noise
  • Easy to maintain
  • Choice of shape
  • Choice of colour
  • Highest European and Australian standards
  • Highest quality aluminium
  • 4 types of manual commands
  • Qualityelectric motors
  • Latest remote controls
  • Insulated Roller Shutters

Graceful coverings that offer maximum protection and security – welcome to King Shutters, your number one Melbourne roller shutters hub!

Whether you require window roller shutters for your home or commercial property, King Shutters is your stop for getting access to the complete range of top quality roller shutters.

Windows offer great aesthetic as well as functional benefits. They provide you a means to stay connected with the outside world. They allow light and fresh air to enter your rooms so they can remain bright and airy. They provide an outlet to unwanted odours so you can be comfortable inside.

In contrast, windows also provide an opportunity for the outside world to enter inside your home, thus posing a threat to your security. Unprotected windows may encourage burglars and thieves to break-in and steal your property. They also encourage nosy people to peek inside your home and invade your privacy. Moreover, during extreme weathers, your house or commercial building is also under threat from the debris flying outside.

Manual Shutters

Window roller shutters offer an effective and affordable solution to the above problems so you can enjoy the windows of your Melbourne property and minimize the threats from the outside world. King Shutters are experts at manufacturing security shutters that offer a high level of security so you can feel safe at your Melbourne home or your business.

If you own a business in Melbourne, you would certainly be concerned about keeping your property safe from perpetrators. But you may not want to ruin the look of your property. King Shutters offers its Melbourne clients fully customized security shutters available in a variety of colours and designs that will enhance the aesthetic beauty of your property and also be a perfect fit in the space you desire the roller shutter to be installed in. Even if you place an order for manual shutters for your Melbourne business, we will ensure that you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience of operating them.

Security Window Roller Shutters

You definitely want to feel safe in your homes and want the best of protection for your children and family. King Shutters makes sure to use the best material in manufacturing roller shutters, both electronic and manual. We provide proper finishing and expert installation so you can enjoy your roller shutters for many years to come.

Our trained and highly skilled staff will be more than happy to answer any query you may have regarding the quality or the functionality of our roller shutters. Feel free to browse through our collection online and even send us a request for a free quote. Your safety is our priority – place your order for security shutters with us at King Shutters – your expert provider of roller shutters in Melbourne!

King Shutters brings you roller shutters in Melbourne to protect you from the harsh summer heat. We have a wide range of window roller shutters that also come with insulation technology (i.e. foam-filled aluminium profile). These modern shutters in Melbourne not only look amazing from the outside but also keep your indoors cool.

The insulated roller shutters come with amazing benefits like:

  • Light Control
  • Energy Saving
  • Noise Reduction – Reduce noise by 50%
  • Weather Protection – Withstand winds at 100 kmph
  • Sun Protection – Stops 70% heat during summers and 60% heat during winters

At King Shutters, we also have an amazing range of security roller shutters comprising of doors and window roller shutters. Our security window roller shutters and grilles are not only durable but also break-in proof, thereby providing you maximum protection from theft and unwanted activities.

Looking for affordable and quality shutters? Then call us on 0417 037 852.

Whether you need aluminium roller shutters from ozroll shutters, wooden shutters or the more modern solutions that are solar powered or battery operated, King Shutters has top quality, 100% Australian made solutions that will not let you down.


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