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Electric Shutters

King Electric Extruded Security Shutter

img Electric shutters can be manufactured by using extruded aluminium slat.These electric shutters provides excellent security to our homes as well as businesses.

These electric shutters can be fitted either internally or externally and can be operated by a press on to run the switch that controls the integral electric motor. For larger sizes that are going over a door or walkway, a safety Anti-Drop Brake is required.

Recently Somfy released his new range of 17-rpm for used in standard roller shutters. Due to this new range 12-rpm will replaced with it.Their is no difference seen in this new range. This 5-rpm increase in motor speed will mean the shutter operating time is decreased by 40% and that good news for all shutter users.

The SOMFY motor comes with a 5 year warranty.

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Our Roller Shutters melbourne provide year round window solution, offering all the benefits of security, thermal protection, storm and wind protection, light, noise protection.The roller shutters are made of marine grade aluminium and are fully insulated with high density polyurethane. Each Roller Shutter is custom built to suit our clients needs. Company trained technicians will inspect our products under strict Quality Control Guidelines.

We have shutter profiles to suit commercial and residential properties.

All electric roller shutters come supplied with a SOMFY wall switch

For top quality electric shutters and electric roller shutters in Melbourne, King Shutters is the place to go!

For long, King Shutters Melbourne has been offering excellent coverage and security through its fine quality roller shutters Melbourne; and with the advent of electric and remote shutters, operating them has become much easier and far more convenient!

Remote Shutters Melbourne

Electric and remote roller shutters come with a number of benefits, resulting in an increased usage by many of our clients in Cranbourne and other areas of Melbourne. Not only are they customizable, so they offer the best fit regardless of the size and shape of your doors and windows, they come in a variety of material options, designs, and colours. Therefore, they mesh well with the style of your home or commercial property and merge perfectly with your property's surroundings.

They contribute in reduction of your energy bills, by offering protection against excessive heat during warm Melbourne summers and by offering protection against excessive cold during Melbourne winters. Our electric roller shutters and motorised shutters in Melbourne come with premium quality insulation that offer protection against extreme Melbourne weathers while making your property look elegant and sophisticated.

You can add some beautiful colours to your home or commercial building by selecting from our wide range of colour options for roller shutters. With our superior quality finishing, letting us install a gorgeous pair of electric or remote shutters is a cost effective and sure shot way to add some panache and flair to your Melbourne property! They will enhance the beauty of your entire home or commercial building and give it a modern touch and feel. And do not forget, they are extremely easy to operate!

Electric Shutters

More importantly, you will feel an increased sense of security and privacy inside your property. It is an effective solution to nosy neighbours and peeking toms! You can enjoy the privacy inside your home and go about doing your daily chores without worrying about any exposure to the outside world. If you own a commercial property, your buyers would certainly appreciate the privacy you provide to them as they go about doing their shopping.

Moreover, roller shutters also protect your window and door glass by creating a solid barrier between the outside world and your entrance, especially on days when the weather is harsh and windy. Therefore, you need not worry about any flying debris smashing your window or door glass; our roller shutters will also hinder dust and other debris from entering your property.

We use superior quality electric and remote control systems in all electric and remote shutters and motorised roller shutters that we manufacture for our clients in Cranbourne and other Melbourne areas, so they can rely on and trust their roller shutters to provide maximum level of safety and security. So place your orders with us at King Shutters – your number one provider of electric and remote shutters in Melbourne!
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