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Roller Shutters Repairs & Service

Residential Shutter Repair Service Standard Service (within 5 days)
  • $50 for service call
  • Steel cable replacement $110
  • Mechanism replacement $165
  • upgrade to electric motor $ 350
Emergency Service (within 24 hours)
  • $175 for service call
  • $110 per hour
  • After Hours (7pm to 7am) and weekend services incur an extra 40% on top of above fees
  • All standard and emergency calls will be required to be payed on completion
You are more than welcome to get quotes from other companies and compare our prices and quality of products. We are confident we can beat any written quotes. All standard and emergency calls will be required to be payed on completion.

Roller Shutters Parts

Do not put your safety under threat by continuing to live with damaged roller shutters. King Shutters offers its clients in  Melbourne suburbs top quality, convenient and hassle free shutters repairs andshutters service, right at their doorsteps!

Roller shutters provide security and protection from various menaces of the outside world. They offer protection of your homes and businesses against:
  • Excessive heat by keeping out the harsh sunlight;
  • Excessive cold by providing insulation to keep inside warmth inside and not let the cold winds enter your property;
  • Excessive noise by providing insulation that keeps it nice and quiet inside by blocking out the loudness;
  • Flying debris during harsh climatic conditions by providing a strong barrier between the environment and your property;
  • Invasion of your privacy by providing you a good coverage.

Window Shutters Repairs & Service

However, you can enjoy these benefits only if your roller shutters are damage free. In order to make sure you get to elongate the lives of your roller shutters, you can order us at King Shutters to execute regular window shutters repairs and window shutters service for your homes or businesses in Melbourne. Our regular shutter blinds service can enable you to enjoy uninterrupted benefits associated with roller shutters in Melbourne by making sure they stay damage free for longer periods of time. Roller shutters commonly start giving operational issues if they are not subjected to regular window shutters service and exposed to a repair and maintenance regime. At times, problems arise due to accumulation of dirt and dust in the roller tracks, hindering with smooth opening and closing operation of the shutters. Electronic shutters can also start giving problems when the sensors accumulate dust and/or due to overheating of the motors.

Shutter Repairs

We help our clients in Hallam, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Berwick and those in other Melbourne suburbs avoid all these problems by subjecting their shutters to a professionally executed window shutters service and reliable shutter repairs in Melbourne. During our service, we cover every aspect of repair and maintenance of your roller shutters.

Furthermore, in order to make sure that we are able to carry out this process efficiently for our Hallam clients and those in other Melbourne suburbs, we house the complete range of roller shutters parts. Having ready access to roller shutter parts allows us to timely execute our window shutters service and shutter repairs so that our clients in Melbourne can continue enjoying their shutters as soon as possible.

Looking for affordable and quality shutter blinds in Melbourne? Then call us on 1800 211 244

Our skilled workers execute shutters service thoroughly, with extreme care and precision, so that our clients, who are spread across Melbourne suburbs including Cranbourne, Berwick and Dandenong, enjoy a standard quality of service that meets their expectations. Only genuine and the best roller shutters parts are used – which is one of the main reasons why our clients in Hallam and other Melbourne suburbs are highly satisfied with our services.

So if you are looking for a company that can provide you with expert shutter blinds repairs and service in Hallam,Cranbourne, Berwick,Narre Warren, Dandenong, Melbourne or any other Melbourne suburb then feel free to book an appointment with us at King Shutters!
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